The adult majority in the United States take dietary supplements either every day or occasionally yet most people are still doubtful about the importance of taking supplements. Here are some reasons that could probably sway you to a different direction:
Yes, that's right. Read thy label.
Soil Quality
If we could go back in time, say 100 years ago or even back to the Stone Age, and get a soil sample and compare it with the present day’s soil, we would see that today’s soil is lacking important minerals than it is in the past and because of this, food grown is also deficient in minerals.

Modern Food Processing
Food has gone through a long process to make it more available to people all around the world. Shipping and storing foods for a long time causes the nutrients they contain to deplete. Plus, cooking methods like boiling, preservation, etc. further reduce whatever that’s left in the food. Now, if you rely solely on food for all your nutrition needs, this could be a huge problem. 
You wouldn't eat paper, would you?
Genetically Bred “Healthy Foods”
If you have an apple sitting in your fruit basket, most likely it is genetically bred. A lot of fruits and vegetables are genetically bred so it will look perfect in the eyes of consumers. Who wouldn’t buy a spotless banana, a shiny red apple or a ridiculously leafy lettuce? These genetically bred fruits and vegetables might be lacking a lot of nutrients they should be having. You thought you’re eating healthy but you’re actually being scammed. We’re not generalizing though.

Individual Genetic Weakness and Needs
We all have our own genetic weaknesses: some people need higher amounts of a specific nutrient while others don’t. There are also times when we need more doses of certain nutrients during specific times in our lives like during pregnancy, illness, etc.

Modern technology had made our lives easier, that’s a fact but there’s another reality we have to face alongside all this modernity: increased levels of pollution in the air and water which also affects the quality of food. To cope up, the body uses more nutrients (antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E) to eliminate harmful substances more often that it normally would so you need to replenish.

It is very important to consult with a health professional before taking vitamins and supplements. Supplements with sweeteners (natural and artificial ones), preservatives and unnatural colors should be avoided.
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