In our previous article, we’ve mentioned WHY you should start and now we will tell you how.

Target a Market
It is important to target a specific group with specific needs. Do you see that there’s a big market for men who might be in demand of protein powders? Do you see a market for organic shampoos for women? Did you discover that there’s a market for fish oil supplements? Do your research and stick to it before branching out. It pays to focus on one target first.
Always grab the opportunity. If there's no opportunity, create a need!
Decide on a Product
Okay so after deciding on a target market, decide on a product that you think they’ll be using or consuming for a long time. For example, if you targeted athletes. What do you think they will need? Energy boosters are one of them!

Find a Supplier
Look no further, we are the brand for YOUR brand! 30 Day Health Corporation is you best choice when it comes to your contract manufacturing needs! Dietary supplements, nutraceuticals, supplements, beauty products, etc., we manufacture them in the highest quality! Want to have your own weight loss supplements for you to sell? We’ll manufacture them for you! We also have the latest technology in hair growth products for men and women! Do you want to have your own line of ginger supplements? Why not throw in some lemon extracts for more Vitamin C! The possibilities are endless! Contact us, talk to us, tell us what you want to happen, tell us the ingredients you have in mind and we’ll come up with a formula that is uniquely created by you! Consultation is free! Click on the button below the article.
"You supply me with products, I supply you with cash. Done deal!"
Private Label Your Products
Make sure that you build up your brand. It should offer something that is not yet available in the market or could rival a similar brand with a more affordable price. The packaging plays an important role too! With 30 Day Health Corporation, we can help you with your packaging. Want a specific color scheme? Need help with the logo? Want a unique packaging bottle? We got your back! You see, 30 Day Health Corporation is your one stop shop!

30 Day Health Corporation is a vitamin manufacturer, a supplement manufacturer and a beauty product manufacturer. We are the natural choice for all your supplement labeling, custom vitamins, contract vitamin nutraceuticals and more! 

Do you want to have your own line of supplements and vitamins? Perfect! We do private labeling and we can even help you with your logo! You will have your own brand name and sell them at a profit! Get a custom quote from us by clicking on the button below!



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First of all you need a lot of money or investors. All the other thing is just easy.

01/18/2017 5:20pm

I am privileged enough to have a knowledge about advertising since I was able to study it during my college days. First of all, it's very important to know your target market. Launching a product is a risky thing, that's why knowing your target market is an important factor to start with. I know having a business, and the idea that you'll get to earn more is interesting but always do planning before taking risks!


I'd like to start other kind of business! So some of your advices are good for me too!


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