Whenever people hear “private labelling”, they can think of ways on how this works. Not everyone is familiar with this term so to set the record straight, let’s put a definition to it.
This is gonna be the start of something new and exciting.
Private labelling of vitamins is when a manufacturer has a stock recipe (or you can have a customized recipe according to your liking) they sell to other sellers who put their own branding on the product, give their products their own name, logo and identity, do their own marketing campaigns, etc. 

In a nutshell, vitamin manufacturers and supplement manufacturers (that’s us!) manufacture something for sellers (that’s you!) for you to gain profit.
Yay! Profit!
What are that stuff that I can sell?
We manufacture dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and also beauty products! We offer a variety of choices: nutritional supplements which includes natural vitamins and minerals, herbal supplements, supplements for weight loss, nutritional products; hair products like shampoo, conditioner, products for hair growth, etc; other beauty products like creams, lotion, gels and sprays.
"Brand us, please!"
How Exactly Do I Start?
If you have your own idea of a product, consult with us and we are more than happy to help! Our team members are cross-trained with product conception and marketing solutions so you are in good hands with 30 Day Health Corporation. Click on the button below and shoot us a message! We are excited to get you started! We’ll be waiting!


02/17/2016 5:11am

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12/28/2016 10:40pm

This is indeed a marvelous blog! Although, I only have a few question. I just wanted to clarify some things. When you say you manufacture for us or like give us a product depending on what mix we want? Is it like we're giving you a recipe and you'll make it, then sell it to us? I just want to have a clearer explanation here. Thank you in advance!

07/19/2016 9:01am

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