Imagine: After a long day at work, all you want to do is to relax in bed and get a well-deserved beauty sleep. You do your usual routine of taking a shower, brushing your teeth and finally applying a nice night cream but as you open the bottle, it’s infested with green mould and smelled really bad! You see, that never really happened. Beauty product manufacturers add a special preservative to prevent this from happening. This preservative is called “paraben”.
Wish this was ice cream tho
What Is Paraben?
Go ahead and grab a lotion, toner, foundation, lipstick, any cosmetic and beauty product and read the label. Chances are, paraben is listed in the ingredients. Paraben is a group of compounds; it is mainly used as preservative in pharmaceutical products, cosmetic products and even in food! 
"Mom! There's paraben in my facial wash!" "Don't worry sweetie, that's okay."
Is Paraben Bad For You?
Netflix! I mean... chill. To simply put it in one word, the answer is no. Paraben got a bad reputation due to a misunderstanding on a research back in 2004. Not to mention the hype that was given to it by the media. The misconception spread like wildfire and paraben was pretty much hated even until today. What’s with the research, you ask? To make the story simple and short, paraben was mistakenly associated with breast cancer when paraben metabolites (metabolites are products of metabolism) were detected in the samples of breast cancer tissues but no claim was made that the presence of parabens caused breast cancer. In fact, parabens are broken down when absorbed by the body, metabolized and excreted by the body harmlessly according to a global research following the 2004 paraben scare.

Paraben is Naturally-Occurring
Paraben can be found in vegetables and fruits! Not only that, it is also present in everyday food items like beans, nuts and seeds, soy, berries, etc. And the amount of paraben in these foods is much more than the paraben in your beauty products! Have you ever heard someone getting cancer from apples and strawberries? There’s the answer. So keep calm and paraben.    
Pa-ra-pa-pa-pa...raben... I'm lovin' it!
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07/12/2016 7:30pm

I am so relieved to hear about paraben not being harmless. I think that the media likes to exaggerate on things sometimes in order to keep people thinking that they've got things to be concerned about. When the truth is, they probably just find reasons for trends. Science has already proven that paraben are harmless. We should always do our own research and not simply accept what the media presents to us.

11/22/2016 9:38pm

This article is well written. It catches the attention of the viewers and we are entice to read the whole article. It was so nice knowing that paraben is not bad for our health. My mom used to be afraid of it due to the said study on 2014. Now I know that it was proven untrue, I can tell my mom not to be so conscious. Thank you and keep it up.

12/02/2016 6:40am

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06/22/2017 9:06pm

I never knew that cosmetics products have Paraben. But I'm not bothered because I know Paraben is not bad to our health. In fact, the misconception that Paraben are bad were formulated back in a research made in 2004. Paraben helps cosmetic products to stop from smelling bad and forming a green mold with infection. Thanks for the other information you have included about Paraben! I hope many people will see this so they wouldn't get the wrong idea about Paraben.

04/05/2017 8:37pm

When I've heard about Paraben being a preservative that is added to the food or on a product, I avoided it. It built this overwhelming bad idea that paraben is dangerous to one's health, that's why I tried my best to avoid products that may contain this. I was being careful being we all know how hard it is if you're sick and all. But now, I know what Paraben really is. Thank you so much for building this information. It helps me and it will help a lot of people to be aware what Paraben is and how it works.

09/03/2016 3:11am

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