You probably heard and saw Alove Vera in beauty products specially in shampoos where it listed in the ingredients but do you really know what exactly it does for your hair? Before we get there, let us know more about this wondrous gift from nature. The gelatinous substance found inside the plant is the part that’s added in cosmetics and hair products. This gelatinous substance, together with the aloe juice, is taken from under the outer skin of the leaves. If you cut an Aloe Vera leaf, you will see tubules beneath and that is where you extract the gel. Aloe Vera is a species of aloe native to northern Africa but is also grown in the southern United States. It is not only added by a beauty products manufacturer on certain products but can also be used as a laxative but right now, let’s focus on hair.
No, seriously... you don't have to be a botanist to do an Aloe Vera extraction.
What are the Hair Benefits of Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera helps in hair growth. Aloe Vera is 100% natural and safe in preventing hair loss or those who are experiencing significant thinning of hair. How? There are many reasons why hair doesn’t grow. One of them is because dead skin cells clog the hair follicle therefore preventing the penetration of nutrients in the hair and another is having a condition called seborrhoea which occurs due to the formation of sebum on the scalp. Aloe Vera directly breaks down these blockages allowing hair to grow.
It's so simple, it's so easy!
Nourishes your hair. Aloe Vera is nature’s hair vitamin. It is rich in essential vitamins and minerals that helps in maintaining hair’s strength and beauty! It could be combined with other natural ingredients such as coconut oil, coconut milk, etc. to make the perfect shampoo! In fact, if you combine Aloe Vera to other herbs, plant extracts and essential oils, the benefits will increase so better talk to your beauty product manufacturer and have your list of natural ingredients ready! Aside from this, Aloe Vera also prevents dandruff!
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Conditions your hair. Want to bring back the natural glow of your hair? Aloe Vera is a natural conditioning agent that gives you just that. It makes your hair soft and strengthens it at the same time! Many hair care products leave a nasty buildup but not Aloe Vera. It is perfect for all scalp and hair types too! Doesn’t matter if you are too oily or too dry, Aloe Vera is the way to go!

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As a girl, hair is really important, it carries me out with my fashion and physical attributes. The problem is, how to take care of my hair after all the chemicals that I've putted onto it. As seen on commercial advertisements, Aloe Vera is emphasized as part of the ingredient of shampoo's so I looked for what Aloe Vera it is for, then I found this blog. It gave me enough information and way on how to treat my hair .

04/16/2017 2:21am

Aloe vera is good for the hair. We have a couple of these at the backyard, that's why I'm know a little but about these plants. My grandmother makes this aloe vera paste for the hair. It's like a hair spa made from aloe vera. The result is really good because it makes the hair soft and smooth. She also says that aloe vera is good for people who are getting bald. Aloe vera fastens up the hair growth that's why it's a good natural remedy.

05/18/2017 5:39am

Thanks for sharing your profound knowledge on Aloe Vera. You have indicated that one should not internally consume Aloe Vera if one has degeneration of the liver and gall bladder. I don’t have a gall badder – it was taken out about 12 years ago, so could I use the gel?

Please let me know as soon as possible, as I have two stems currently in the fridge and I want to put the gel in smoothie.

Thanks you so much!

Aloe Vera is such a magical plant! It can heal wounds way faster and easier. I use Aloe Vera everyday for my whole body. It's an Aloe Vera gel that is meant to make the skin smooth and soft. I have been using it for about four months now and I can really see how big of a difference it made. Thanks for sharing the other uses of Aloe Vera. I will try them all!

09/01/2016 1:10am

Aloe Vera is very nice thing we get many benefits and solve many problems. Aloe Vera is very beneficial for our hairs because by use of it our hairs are more silky and nice. Therefor i request to all those people who worried about our hairs use Aloe Vera.

09/28/2016 6:41am

Loved the way you have shared your views thanks alot for sharing will surely bookmarked this wonderful resource!

06/20/2017 7:13pm

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It is always hard to take care of a long hair and aloe vera can helps you. It is cheap and don't contains dangerous chemistry.


Really aloe works :)


When looking for hair growth remedies, one thing people forget is the fact that not all methods suit all people. Diagnosing why their hair fall is occurring is one of the most crucial steps towards treating the problem.

02/05/2017 4:00am

Some say that coloring hair increases the number of grey hairs and damages it. People with sensitive skin either have to take extreme precautions or avoid coloring their hair all together. Some have even stuck to the older, more herbal hair dyes, claiming that even though they do not last that long,

02/12/2017 1:37am

I'll b e honest I have used aloe vera with my hairs so many times and never had positive effects instead it makes hair dry and all weird. It was not pleasing experience, but using it on face was worth it.

03/04/2017 2:27am

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07/07/2017 11:36pm

Very useful tips you share here for hair. It's really works for me, I impressed from you post and also like wiring style of you. If you have some more detail like that then please share foe me.


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