If you’re going to strip your skin off and put it on a scale, it will roughly weigh 6 pounds because it is the largest organ in the body. Skin is one of the first few things that are noticed to our selves by others and the health of your skin is a reflection of how much you take care of it. What you do to your skin today will eventually show in the future plus there are other factors that could pose as threats for you to achieve healthy and beautiful skin! 
Looks like a scene from that zombie series on tv.
There’s genetics, environment, the lifestyle we live and the food that we eat are just some of the few. These factors could lead to premature aging of the skin. We can always choose to fight it and we should choose to be healthy and beautiful. Here are foods that could just help you in achieving that goal:
Dragon fruit
Citrus and Tropical Fruits – Clementine, grapefruit, mandarin orange, lemon, lime, blood orange, pineapple, papaya, kiwi, guava... we are after one famous vitamin. You guessed it right! It’s Vitamin C! Vitamin C is a very powerful antioxidant that is found naturally in our skin. Eating these fruits replenishes your skin’s stock. Vitamin C also helps the body in the production of collagen. Now most of us know the importance of collagen now, do we? It helps maintain the skin’s firmness and elasticity. Both of which are characteristics of healthy and young skin!
Because adding oranges to a salad makes it "Asian"
How to add them in your diet: toss them in a blender along with ice and make a delicious smoothie! Toss some on leafy salads for that “Asian” twist. 
A bowl of green goodness!
Broccoli – Broccoli’s abundance of vitamins C and E should never be underestimated. These two powerful antioxidants work hand in hand to give you that supple skin and additional protection from the sun’s harmful UV radiation. 
How to add them in your diet: Stir-fry with almost anything! You can also steam them and serve as a healthy side dish or Blend it in your green smoothie!

Almonds – probably the best source of vitamin E. Vitamin E nourishes the skin but be sure not to eat too much. Almonds, like other nuts, are calorie-dense. That means a little amount packs a lot of calories.
How to add them in your diet: Remember that “Asian” salad we mentioned, earlier? Yeah. Add almonds in there too. Almonds can be crushed and can be a topping to a lot of dishes! 

Whole Grains – whole grain pasta and bread takes the cake! Another skin-friendly nutrient is selenium which also protects the skin from damage and gives it elasticity!
How to add them in your diet: We won’t talk about this one because we all know how to eat pasta and bread but just in case you don’t, remember that stir-fried broccoli we made earlier? Yeah. Toss is with whole wheat pasta and add slices of tomatoes with basil and olive oil.

Carrots – Yes! Beta carotene is part of the team! Vitamin A helps repair skin tissues and keeps your skin vibrant! It’s very easy to overdose with carrots though so go easy on them.
How to add them in your diet: The best way is to eat them raw. Enjoy the crunchy goodness of this lovely vegetable with a yoghurt dip. And oh, remember that “Asian” salad? Yeah. Shred some on those. I wonder what else we can add on this “Asian” salad. Well anyway, moving on...

Pumpkin Seeds – pumpkin seeds are considered a super food due to its high Zinc content. Zinc promotes renewal of the skin, protection of the skin membranes and aids in maintaining collagen.
How to add them in your diet: Roast them on a pan, and like almonds, sprinkle over almost anything or eat them as they are while watching tv!
Grilled salmon with spiced almonds! Combo meal!
Salmon – actually most fishes but salmon is the most popular one when we hear about omega-3 fats which fortifies the skin, protects against sun damage and reduce the risk of having certain skin cancers. Don't deep fry them. Just grill or bake.

Now, that’s a lot of food now isn’t it? Supplementation of the said Vitamins can also be done if you can't eat all of these foods or if you have specific allergies. You can eat your way to healthy and beautiful skin or just take your supplements. Some doctors even recommend doing both to achieve optimal results!
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