A lot of people today prefer shopping online than actually going to a store to purchase what they want. This is one thing that should be exploited; this is one of the many reasons why you should start an online store! You might tell yourself: “Yeah, if you’re selling clothes. How is it effective in selling private label vitamins and private label supplements?”
Helpful tip: Make sure your computer's on when buying online.
You’d be very surprise to find out that it applies to any product and even services! Professionals like doctors, attorneys, etc. use different online platforms so clients can pay bookings online! The digital age is happening more than ever, be a part of it! Not convinced? How about if I tell you that 80% of Americans are active internet users? That’s approximately 240 billion people! And 40% of this number is online shoppers and they are already online as we speak. Convinced now, aren't we? But wait, we are giving you more reasons why you should sell your private label vitamins and private label supplements online.

Global Reach – the world is your customer, you don’t need to ride a plane to reach potential customers from Australia or Asia. If you only want to target locally, that’s still fine, you still have that reach. The internet knows no geographical boundaries.

Always Open – and because it is online, your store doesn’t close! It’s open even while you’re asleep. Customers don’t have to worry about your “office hours”, they could buy something at 3:00am and that means convenience for them, especially for those customers who are busy all day with their jobs. You also have more time to spend on other things since you don’t need to man your store 8 hours a day. 
Oh yeah? My online store's open 10 days a week!
Updated Catalog – comparing to a physical store, you can easily update or edit your catalog anytime with no printing cost. If you have a traditional store set-up, you have to print out your catalog and if something runs out or a new product arrives or a specific product will be phased out, you need to reprint your catalog again to update your customers. That’s a lot of print money! With an online store, all you have to do is click “edit” on your website. Super easy!

You Can Make Real Money – forget about bargaining customers, people pay upfront and they follow the prices you set on your products and services. There is virtually no upkeep cost; you don’t have to pay for store rentals, electricity, etc. There are a lot of free website builders out there, take advantage of those.
Although setting up an online store is much easier than a physical store, it is important to know, specially in the case of selling private label vitamins and private label supplements, that careful planning, preparation, sense of responsibility, determination and innovation is the key to success.
30 Day Health Corporation is a vitamin manufacturer, a supplement manufacturer and a beauty product manufacturer. We are the natural choice for all your supplement labeling, custom vitamins, contract vitamin nutraceuticals and more! 

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So you just started your own line of beauty products from your beauty product manufacturer? Congratulations but don’t relax just yet because the challenge of making people buy your products is about to get real.
Don't fret! We got your back! But wait, how are you able to read this article?
Let’s say you don’t always have access to the internet for some reason or your situation, say your work, prevents you from going online for the majority of your day. Don’t fret, although online marketing is becoming a craze now and it has its advantages, traditional marketing shouldn’t be ignored. In fact, these tips that we are gonna provide might even work better for you!
"Nice to meet you! I'm Joy. And I could change my name to 'Overjoyed' if you buy my products."
Create and Maintain Relationships
Make that genuine connection with key people who can help you promote your business. Number one is your family and friends. Next are the people you meet everyday other than family and friends. It could be that friendly mailman, the sweet lunch lady, your co-worker, the people in your gym, etc. The third layer to this onion is other people who can help you in exchange for a little favour. These people could be anyone like a blogger, a magazine editor or contributor, a famous person or a celebrity, a politician, etc. basically, these are people who can influence others.
Smile even though your heart is aching coz you're giving away your product.
Hand Out Your Products
Hand out samples of your products! If you are selling a bar of soap, divide it into 4 equal parts and hand them out to potential customers. If you are selling lotions or scented oils, let your potential customers have some. Think of creative ways to put your product on the hands of people. The key is letting them experience your product. Survey shows that people are more likely to buy if you give your products to them as opposed to asking them all to sniff from one bottle of tester.
Never Forget Traditional Advertisement
Hand out flyers with information about your product and highlight its benefits and what sets it apart from all the rest. Got a huge tree in front of your house? Use it as a billboard! You basically need all the help you can get. After all, your goal is to sell your products so you can earn money. 
30 Day Health Corporation is a vitamin manufacturer, a supplement manufacturer and a beauty product manufacturer. We are the natural choice for all your supplement labeling, custom vitamins, contract vitamin nutraceuticals and more! 

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Now you know what private label vitamins and private label supplements are thanks to our previous blog post, we'll keep this next article short but sweet. We're gonna give you 3 reasons why you should start selling vitamins and supplements.
Selling Private Label Vitamins and Private Label Supplements is a Good Business
Vitamin and supplement sales are increasing each year! Just take a look at the statistics below. The data shows the value of retail sales of vitamins and nutritional supplements in the United Stated from 2000 to 2017 (projections from 2011).
source: "Retail Sales of Vitamins and Supplements in the U.S." by www.statista.com
Private Label Vitamins and Private Label Supplements are More Affordable! 
According to a report by SymphonyIRI Group that was published in 2011, prices for private labels like private label vitamins, private label supplements, private label cosmetics, etc. can be more affordable by 30% compared to national or global brands. This translates to higher value for retailers and consumers!
Pretty much like this one. Both contains the much needed caffeine but guess which one's more expensive :)
You don’t have to own a retail store for this type of business. Selling vitamins and supplements can be operated from home via the internet. If you can have your own website, that would be even better! Basically, you will sell your products thru your website or other websites like Amazon, etc. 
So what are you waiting for? It's never too late to begin the year right, unless it's already December, of course. Shoot us a message with your inquiry! Email: info@30dayhealth.net or if you already have ideas, let us help you make that happen! Click the button below and let's get this party started!
Whenever people hear “private labelling”, they can think of ways on how this works. Not everyone is familiar with this term so to set the record straight, let’s put a definition to it.
This is gonna be the start of something new and exciting.
Private labelling of vitamins is when a manufacturer has a stock recipe (or you can have a customized recipe according to your liking) they sell to other sellers who put their own branding on the product, give their products their own name, logo and identity, do their own marketing campaigns, etc. 

In a nutshell, vitamin manufacturers and supplement manufacturers (that’s us!) manufacture something for sellers (that’s you!) for you to gain profit.
Yay! Profit!
What are that stuff that I can sell?
We manufacture dietary supplements, nutraceuticals and also beauty products! We offer a variety of choices: nutritional supplements which includes natural vitamins and minerals, herbal supplements, supplements for weight loss, nutritional products; hair products like shampoo, conditioner, products for hair growth, etc; other beauty products like creams, lotion, gels and sprays.
"Brand us, please!"
How Exactly Do I Start?
If you have your own idea of a product, consult with us and we are more than happy to help! Our team members are cross-trained with product conception and marketing solutions so you are in good hands with 30 Day Health Corporation. Click on the button below and shoot us a message! We are excited to get you started! We’ll be waiting!